Thursday, April 24, 2008


Tomorrow we leave for the big D-land (Disneyland)! Can't wait but I have to be honest I don't know how excited I am about long lines and the hot sun. We recently got back from Florida with the UVU Dance Team for Nationals. We went to Universal Studios one day and it about did me in! I came home sun burnt and sick! But we had a great time on the beach in Daytona and the girls did a great job, they ended up getting 3rd in the Challenge Cup.

So this is me and Brock and a couple of my girls who got Boogie Boards down there. We were doing awesome catching some good waves when all of the sudden I noticed I was about half a mile away from everyone. I started swimming back to our part of the beach and was not going anywhere. I looked up and there was a lifeguard truck, sirens, flags waving the whole rescue procedure going on. Brock was yelling at me to come over by him but I really couldn't. Then a lifeguard throws his life preserver over his shoulder and comes running to my rescue! Little did I know that I was stuck in a rip current. I am fine but my entire team and the rest of the people on the beach had a good laugh!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

UVU Cheer Try-outs

Just a little advertising for the UVU Cheer squad Try-outs. If you know of any outstanding tumblers, stunters or cheerleaders pass on this info.
When: Try-out Clinics April 16th, 17th and Official Try-out April 18th

Where: UVU Activities Center, located in the PE bldg

Time: Clinics 5-8 pm, Official Try-out 3pm

Go to www. for detailed information.
(what to bring, what we expect, what to wear, etc.)

Moving to a University is a big transition and great for the Cheer program! More funding, scholarships and lots of fun!