Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stella's first photo shoot

More pictures to come!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to Motherhood!!

I'm Alive.... barely! Yes I did finally have this baby and here's the watered down version of getting her here. Started Wednesday April 29th mid afternoon went in two different times to get a treatment to help me dilate.... didn't work. But it did however put me into labor at 2 am Thursday morning. Went to the hospital at 4am continued contracting on my own but still dilated at a 1. They started me on pitocin, got the epidural and still at a 1! Last resort was this procedure that manually dilates you, lots of fun! Finally was at a 4 24 hours after starting this whole process. After consulting with the Dr. and divine intervention from my sweet husband we decided to go ahead and do a c-section. And it is a good thing because the baby's head was lodged in my pelvic bones and I wouldn't have been able to get her out anyway! We then welcomed Stella Lynne Condie into the world at 6:58pm 8lbs. 12oz. 19 inches long. We stayed in the hospital for 4 days and nights and we needed it! Brock and I seriously should be on a reality show on first-time parents, it is hilarious! All is well and Stella is doing great, I am still recovering and taking one hour at a time. We took her to her 2 week check-up today and she is now 9lbs. 8oz. and 22 3/4 inches long. She is a big girl with a big personality, she already holds her binky in her mouth by herself! To see some pics go to they're pretty dang cute!