Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am alive..........

Have you ever been so frustrated with your computer that you never want to touch it again. Well after our second trip to Disneyland with the Condie's I put together this really cute slide show to post on the blog well every time I would get ready to copy it my computer would shut down. It happened to me 3 times........ I was livid. Since then I have not touched my computer at home and while I'm at work I rarely have time to post. So that explains my absences to the blogging world!
We had a great weekend, I don't have any pics but hopefully I will get a new computer soon and post some! We spent it helping Brandon and Sadie move into a beautiful new home in Spanish Fork, I think I was more excited to help them move then I ever would be to move myself.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Disneyland round 1

This is how we started out our Disneyland trip with my mom. We look like the All American Family-how cute..... We had a blast and rode every single ride at least twice! Some of you may be wondering who the cute girl is standing next to Trevor. That is Jess we hope she becomes part of our family one day!! We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel in Disneyland, it is so much fun to be right there in the middle of everything!

This is how we ended our trip. These are all the kids (husbands, grandkids, etc.) It was "A trip of a lifetime" as my mom said. Thanks Mom for the Best Christmas present ever!