Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye to a Utah tradition

I heard on the news that the Snelgrove store in Sugar House was closing...... I thought no big deal I can buy it at the store anyway. Then my husband calls me from work frantically telling me the same thing he was so worried of how I would be. What I didn't hear in the story is that Dryer's bought them out and there will soon be no more Snelgrove Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the store and bought my two faves Burnt Almond Fudge and Canadian Vanilla. There is just something about this ice cream, it slowly melts in your bowl and still tastes amazing even if it's been in your fridge for a while and it tastes like it's homemade! I think it is the only kind of Ice Cream my Grandma Garrick ever had in her fridge.

Hurry go and stock up~!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Since my life pretty much evolves around college students I find myself having alot of fun all of the time! I guess I am pretty lucky to be around these girls so much, they are always finding ways to make me laugh or make fun of me. This is in Vegas having the time of our lives at Hard Rock!

Right before they competed in Vegas, I would be scared of all these white girls!

The UVU Dance Intensive Camp @ the Men's Basketball game Feb. 23rd

Future UVDT Members

Monday, February 18, 2008

Can't have too many jeans!


Some of you know this but I have a Jean Business. I sell Designer jeans for wholesale prices. We mostly do in-home parties. We are getting some really cute capris in for spring. We carry many different styles and designers. The sizes go from 24-32. If you would like to have a party you could earn some free jeans. Let me know!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting Times!

I wanted to just hit on a few highlights in our lives for the last couple of weeks. First being Miss America! As many of you may know I tried several times to go to Miss America and a couple of times I came so close that I could literally taste it! I was pleased with the outcome of Miss Michigan winning. The second being the Superbowl... what a fun game. I am a lover of football and food, so two great combninations. Miss America and Superbowl were fun events to watch and spend time with family. The third being the passing of Gordon B. Hinkley. Brock works for the LDS Church in the Security Department and so he has been working really long hours but at the same time gaining many memorable experiences. After pulling a 15 hour day on Saturday, the day of the funeral he came home so sick. In a way we experienced his passing in a very different way that everyone else did. But one things for sure he was a great man. And I have to say that when they showed the people shaking canes I was overcome with emotion. I am so thankful for our church and Brock's ability to work for such a great organization.
I will be leaving this Saturday for Las Vegas with the UVU Dance Team for their first National Collegiate Competition. Between our schedules we rarely see or talk to eachother. But I am not complaining, We love what we do and we are so grateful to even have jobs! Lastely my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law all got together for a birthday lunch at the cheesecake factory that is what this picture is below. I never had sisters growing up so I now feel spoiled to have 3 from the Condie side!